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Woodland has been doing Project B-Town for over 12 years now! This event started off as Camp B-Town, where students would come to serve around the Bradenton area and sleep at Woodland each night. Each year we try to make this as much of a “camp experience” as we can, giving the students the opportunity to see the importance of service, having fun, and growing spiritually all in one week. We want the students to have the camp experience because the truth of the matter is, camp can be expensive! We do our best to bring the excitement of camp here. We have students separated into cabins by age and grade (which are empty rooms at the church), Rec time (for points of course), team colors, team cheers, cabin clean up, etc. This is the “camp feel” here at Woodland!

In our Student Ministry, we have the important task of “Helping Students Take The Next Step in Their Story with God.” This is the goal for Project B-town. We believe that each students is at a specific place, in their Walk with God. This includes students who don’t know Him yet, students who have come to church but do not understand what a relationship with Jesus looks like yet, or students that are looking to grow deeper in their Walk with Him.  Our goal is to help each of these students take the next step in their Spiritual Journey with Him.


If you would like to learn more about our Church please visit for more information about our ministry! 

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