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We get a lot of questions about Project B-Town. We get it. It's a unique and amazing experience. And while it's really hard to put into words what a week of camp is like, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions for you. If you don't see your question answered below,

simply email or for more information. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions 2022


What is Project B-Town?

Project B-Town is for Middle School & High School Students and is an amazing week full of games, service projects, and heartfelt worship!  They stay the full week at the church, and are split up into “cabins”, by grade and gender.  This is an amazing opportunity to grow closer to God throughout the whole week.

What’s included in the cost?

Almost everything! The cost of camp will cover your students meals for the week, lodging at the church, recreational activities, and late night outings. A t-shirt is also included!

Are you staying the night at the church this year?   

Yes, we are planning ahead to have the students stay overnight the entire week of both Project B-Town camps.  If you do not feel comfortable with them staying over still, you are more than welcome to drop them off and pick them up each day.

Where are the cabins located?

“Cabins” are what we call the different groups of students, as they are separated by gender and grade. Each cabin will have a different room in the church where they will be able to sleep, keep their stuff, and hang out during free times.

Are they allowed to have their phones?

Yes, but only at select times.  We don’t allow phones at the service projects, worship or Small Group times.  We want your student to be engaged in the different activities that we have planned for the week.  If you need to contact them though, Sammy Duran or Connor Long are available 24/7 during the week, and they can put you in contact with their cabin leader if they are on a service project site.

Also please note, Woodland Community Church is not responsible if their phone is lost, stolen or broken.


​Are your leaders trained/back ground checked?

Yes!  All of our leaders go through numerous training on working with students and are all background checked.

Can they be in a cabin with their friend?

We always try our hardest to make sure students can be in cabins with their friends.  It is much easier if they are in the same grade, as we try and keep all the grades in the same cabin, although we sometimes mix and match if they are only a grade apart.  Make sure to email Sammy Duran at or Connor Long at to make those requests as soon as you register your student.

Can I pick my child up during the week from a previous scheduled commitment?

Absolutely.  Here is a link for a “Time Away Request” form.  Fill this out and bring it on the first day of camp so we can have it all on file and give it to each of their cabin leaders.

What if my child has a food allergy?

Please email Sammy Duran at or Connor Long at what the allergy is so we can make our food team aware and try and have options that your student can have.

What does a typical day at camp look like?

8:00 - AM -    Breakfast

9AM -            Morning Sip

10AM-11:30- Paint Day Session 1/Alternative Rec

12PM -1:30 - Lunch

1:30PM-3PM - Paint Day Session 2/Alternative Rec

3PM - 5PM - Free Time/Shower Time

5PM -            Dinner

6PM -            Evening Service

7:30PM -       Small Group Time

9PM -            Group C Fun Activity Offsite

9PM-10PM - Groups A + B Late Night Games

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